Stephan Scholz Custom Woodworking

If I can't make it last one hundred years, I won't waste the wood!

In 1982, I started my apprenticeship as a furniture maker in a small German town. For three and half years, I had the great fortune to work under the Master Craftsman Reinhard Wolter who inspired my passion for woodworking. I moved to the beautiful island of St. John in the US Virgin Islands, where I have lived and worked making furniture since 1986.

I like to think of my furniture as "tomorrow's antiques". The most important aspect of my work is quality. Construction methods used in my work include traditional wood joinery, such as mortise and tennon joints and dovetail joints, in solid wood as these can endure many years or even centuries of use. These quality construction methods make my furniture economical because every piece will last a lifetime.

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by Stephan Scholtz

Stephan Scholz Custom Woodworking
Coral Bay, St. John
U.S. Virgin Islands
(340) 693-5759

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